What are the instructions for building a house?

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What are the standard levels for detached single-family homes?

For detached one- and two-family houses, semi-detached houses and terraced houses, there are 5 standard levels, which are described in more detail below. The values can be interpolated if required. A precise classification for different buildings is contained in the Material Value Guideline, Annex 1.

Is the construction of the house expensive? Building a house is expensive, but there are very different subsidies that take effect before, during and after the construction of the house. Here is the overview. Building a house is expensive, but there are very different subsidies that take effect before, during and after the construction of the house.

What is the cost of building a single-family house with a basement in EUR?

The house construction costs and prices in EUR given in this listing refer to the calculation example for an average single-family house. Therefore, this complete listing of all important construction stages is based on the exemplary calculated total costs for a single-family house WITH basement in the amount of EUR 233,600.

How to calculate the cost of a house without a basement?

In order to calculate the total house construction costs for a house WITHOUT a basement, the cost shares for the earthworks and the basement construction would first have to be deducted from the TOTAL WITH A BASEMENT stated in the construction cost key and then the reduced earthworks and the construction costs for the floor slab would have to be added again.

What are the construction costs for a single-family house?

As an example: A one- or two-family house of average design can be calculated with about 1,350 euros construction costs per square meter. The same property, including supply and disposal and brokerage, notary and court costs, may be quoted with construction costs of 2,000 euros or more per square meter.

What are the construction costs for houses in Germany? Construction costs for houses in Germany by federal state According to the Federal Statistical Office, the average construction costs for residential buildings in Germany in 2019 were €1,834 per square meter. Depending on where you build, however, construction prices vary quite significantly.

What are the costs for a detached single-family home?

Example: For a detached single-family house with basement, first floor, second floor and undeveloped attic, normal production costs of 730 EUR/m² result for a medium level of equipment. These costs refer to the year 2010 and the gross floor area of the building.

What is the cost of a detached single-family house?

In the case of pressing was- ser, the basement of the same size, fully buried in the ground, costs approx. 33,000 to 42,000 € more. A detached single-family house with a living area of approx. 155 m² costs approx. 310,000 €.

How much does a single-family house cost?

Our single-family house costs a total of about 280,000 euros. The following overview shows you the architect costs in the respective service phases.

Why do many people dream of a detached single-family house?

Many people dream of having a detached single-family house individually planned according to their wishes. But this drives up the costs: A detached single-family house, for example, requires a larger plot of land. And that can be expensive, depending on the location.

What are the requirements for detached single-family homes?

There are hardly any requirements for detached single-family houses. For terraced houses and apartment buildings, the fire protection requirements increase somewhat. The fire protection requirements are defined by the so-called fire resistance classes and the fire behavior.

What are the types of single-family houses? There are different types of single-family houses: the semi-detached house, the row house or even the classic detached single-family house. Energy-efficient construction is a basic principle for all prefabricated house providers in the MUSTERHAUSPARK. Low-energy and passive houses are standard.

What is the size of a detached single-family home?

A detached single-family house of average size requires about 450 square meters of land, a corresponding semi-detached house gets by with about 330 square meters. The only compromises have to be made in garden planning, as one side of the open space is missing.

What is a single-family house?

By definition, a single-family home - as distinct from a multi-family dwelling - is a dwelling for one family that is permanently occupied as the primary residence. It counts as one residential unit or unit of use.

What is available for detached single-family homes?

Detached single-family houses are available in different sizes and with different standards of furnishing, ranging from simple settlement houses within small housing estates to lavishly furnished villas or country houses. Vacation and weekend homes are a special case.

How to protect your family home from fire?

In order to increase the fire resistance, the load-bearing steel component should therefore be additionally protected. Even though there are often no special fire protection requirements for detached single-family houses, it should be in everyone's interest to protect the load-bearing steel beams from fire in single-family houses as well.

How much money does a cellar cost?

Even Pohl can't deny that a basement costs a lot of money; between 200 and 400 euros, depending on equipment and use, would be due per square meter of basement, he figures. That adds up.

What is the cost of a basement in a family house? For the basement of a detached single-family house, the builder must expect additional costs of between around 180 and 425 euros per square meter compared with a floor slab. This is the conclusion reached by the Institute for Building Research in Hanover. This means that a cellar can cost 50,000 euros and more.

What is the cost of the basement for a solid house? This is what the basement for your solid house costs Plan on around EUR 50,000 to 70,000 for a "black tank" completely built by a professional. Work with - and lower the price! A prefabricated concrete basement can usually be had at a lower price without any work on your part.

What is the cost of a raised basement? The cost of a raised cellar can be estimated at around 50,000 euros. If an additional drainage system is added, the average cost is about 1,500 euros more. Tip: The total financial outlay for the basement depends to a large extent on whether or not the premises are located in the groundwater zone.

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