Methodological manual


A Methodological Guide is attached that is designed to aid organisations to research, construct, test and review high-level professional competence frameworks.

The Guide is designed to be usable in any higher-level (generally EQF 5+) occupational area.


  • Part 1 of the Guide discusses concepts, principles and approaches. This includes short explanations of professional, educational and organisational approaches to competence; internal and external models; and different levels of description, from generic to task-based. An appendix provides a short description of five conceptual models relevant to describing competence.
  • Part 2 provides an overview of the development process. This is followed by an appendix of research and development methods and tools, including semi-structured interviewing, critical incident analysis, task analysis, functional analysis, role mapping, repertory grid technique, DACUM, and Delphi technique. An Annexe provides more detailed guidance on developing a framework for a profession or occupational field following the process used in ComProCom.