Competence Frameworks


‘Second-generation’ competence/professional standards frameworks for the occupations/ professions of:

  • Manager of a Social Enterprise
  • Management of Innovation
  • Management for Chemical Engineering
  • Training and Development
  • Business Administration

The frameworks focus into reflecting the more complex requirements of higher-level roles.


The competence frameworks are desinged as to:

  • Represent what is actually needed in the professions and roles concerned.
  • Be eminently adequate for high-level work roles where significant discretion, judgement and contextual interpretation are needed.
  • Be suitable for use across the contexts and specialisms that the profession operates in.
  • Be able to accommodate the evolution of work practices, technology and forms of organisation.
  • Avoid assumptions about work practices, organisational cultures and roles that build in indirect cultural or gender discrimination.
  • Be easy to interpret and use for a wide variety of purposes.
  • Support outcomes-based qualifications and credit within the systems represented by the EQF, ECVET and ECTS.