Review on current situation


The first deliverable of the project "Review on current situation in participating countries" is a synthesis report, based on partners’ national reports delivered in January 2016, produced by Dr Jola Religa (ITEE- PIB) with the aim of developing an understanding of different approaches to ‘competence’ in the partner countries, and putting them into context. The report contains a summary of the situation in each country, followed by a synthesis that contextualises key similarities and differences. The countries covered by the Report are Greece, Germany, Ireland, Poland and UK.


  • History, description and assessment of national initiatives and structures relating to the use of ‘competence’ in VET and professional development
  • Differences between ‘official’/VET uses and uses by industry and professional bodies
  • Reccomended/ widely used conceptual models and development methodologies
  • Bodies responsible for the frameworks
  • Approximate coverage in terms of breadth of the labour market and level of occupations included
  • Linkage with national qualification frameworks or the EQF
  • Usage of the frameworks