Guide to Developing National Occupational Standards
The dynamics of qualifications: defining and renewing occupational and educational standards
Professional competence standards and rameworks in teh United Kingdom
Professional standards, competence and capability
Professional versus occupational models of work competence
Three Different Conceptions of Know-How and their Relevance to Professional and Vocational Education
Towards a framework for professional curriculum design
“Kompetenz” and “Beruf” in the context of the proposed German Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning
Competence, Capability and Context - Presentation by Dr Stan Lester at UALL Work and Learning Network Conference, June 2016
UK Network Event - ComProCom presentation by Dr Stan Lester at SOAS, London, May 2016
Competence standards and frameworks: some lessons from the United Kingdom by Dr Stan Lester
Novice to Expert: the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition
UK standard for professional engineering competence
Professional Standards for Conservation
Landscape Architecture - Elements of Practice
Linking Vocational Education and Training Standards and Employment Requirements - An International Manual
Poster: Describing competence in professional occupations - some working concepts and models
Presentation of ComProCom at the Institute for Apprenticeships, 6 July 2017
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