Is this the right study now?

Posted on by Keagan McLean

Is this the right study now? Many prospective students spend months going back and forth about which degree program is right for them. The best thing is to choose something that suits you and that you can also reconcile with your own future plans. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

What factors have an influence on your studies? Your environment in college has a big impact on how you perceive your studies and whether you'll ultimately be happy and successful. If it's productive, open, and refreshing, it can be a prime breeding ground for your upcoming top performances.

How do you improve your time management in college? With the Bachelor of Time you can quickly and easily improve your time management in your studies. And the best thing is: You get the first 34 pages for free! Just sign up for the email list: No spam guaranteed.

Is choosing a field of study really not easy? Choosing a field of study is really not easy. According to the DAAD, there are not only several hundred colleges and universities, but also currently around 19,000 different courses of study in Germany. But of course, none of this helps.

What you actually want to do with your studies? If, even after a few semesters, you still have no idea what you want to do with your studies (except, of course, driving a cab), you should think about what is keeping you in your subject. If you don't find a good answer to this question, you will probably have to go to the study secretary's office.

What is the level of difficulty of a degree program?

In conclusion, it can be said that the degree of difficulty of a course of study always depends on one's perspective and one's own preferences and personality traits. A course of study is a choice for life and should therefore not be a gut decision.

What is time management?

Time management requires different plans, depending on the individual problem. So you can plan the semester, the year, the study, but also in miniature, the month, the week the day. The most effective is the combination of long-term planning, short-term planning and daily planning.

What is the so-called time management? The so-called time management should help to complete pending tasks and appointments within an available period of time. Some people still distinguish between "personal time management" and "time management" - but both terms are not quite correct.

What are the main methods of time management? The most important (and most frequently requested) methods of time management are the following. The Eisenhower Principle: Focus and delegate skillfully A very well-known and popular tool is the so-called Eisenhower Principle. It helps to prioritize one's tasks and identify the really important To Do's.

What steps help you get in time management?

Let's summarize - these 7 steps will help you get a grip on your time management and really get going in your studies: Set goals. Set priorities. Make plans. Finally get started. Become productive. Build habits. Stay motivated.

What are the most important time management tips?

Setting priorities correctly is one of the most important time management tips I can give you. Monthly planner (incl. checklist) Get my monthly planner (incl. productivity checklist) in your inbox now. Free of charge and without obligation!

How is a plan different from less successful students?

A plan distinguishes successful students from less successful ones. A plan makes the difference between regular study time and long-term study. Without a plan, you're constantly mediocre, whereas with a little forethought, you can comfortably aim for an A average.

How do you recognize your performance in your studies? It is important to realize that you determine if and when you achieve your goal through your performance in your studies. You are motivated to complete your studies with a good grade. However, this also requires you to be motivated each semester to study and take your exams.

What is the difference between plan and standard period of study? A plan makes the difference between regular study time and long-term study. Without a plan, you'll be constantly mediocre, whereas with a little forward thinking, you can comfortably aim for an A average. If you plan each day in advance, you'll find it much easier to get started and keep going.

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