Is the trainee a fire safety officer?

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Is the trainee a fire safety officer? After successful completion of the examination, the trainee is entitled to be appointed as a fire protection officer. However, he or she may only perform his or her duties after the object-specific seminars (see Use-related and Technical Seminars). The same applies to the fire protection officer deputy, more details in TRVB O 117.

How to transfer the fire safety officer?

Many companies often use the option of delegating the function of fire safety officer to qualified and experienced professionals from external companies. The fire safety officer must be appointed in writing by the company's management with rights and obligations, and subsequently reported to the authority by name.

How is the fire safety officer training suitable?

In principle, anyone who has at least completed vocational training is suitable for training as a fire safety officer. In addition, you should have a high level of reliability for the training.

Which measures should the fire safety officer commission?

The fire protection officer is to support the person responsible for fire protection in the company (e.g. employer or plant manager) in all matters of preventive, defensive and organizational fire protection. DGUV Information 205-003 provides for the involvement of the fire safety officer in, for example:

What is the function of the fire safety officer in the company?

The fire safety officer has a crucial function in the company: he advises and supports the employer in fire safety matters, monitors compliance with fire safety regulations and assesses fire hazards. Fire safety officers therefore require sound training in order to fulfill their responsible role.

What are the duties of a fire safety officer?

This shall specify the necessity and the tasks of a fire protection officer and the fire protection forces []. The fire protection officer is responsible for the area of operational-organizational fire protection and advises management, executives and employees on fire protection-related issues.

What is the specific task of the fire safety officer? A concrete task of the fire protection officer is usually to create and update the fire protection regulations, if necessary. The participation of the fire protection officer in the creation and updating of the risk assessment can also be seen as a basic task.

How does the fire prevention officer inspect the facilities?

He regularly checks the characteristics of the fire protection equipment and the rescue and escape routes, the usability of which he also monitors. Fire protection equipment must be regularly inspected, tested and maintained. This task can also be included in the catalog of the fire safety officer.

How can the course for fire safety officers be extended?

The 7-day course Fire Safety Officer (consisting of the 5-day Block 1 and the 2-day Block 2) can be extended with the Advanced Module for Fire Safety Officers to a total of 10-day course according to European standards.

How many teaching units does the Fire Protection Officer course comprise?

The 7-day course Fire Protection Officer comprises 64 teaching units or 48 time hours in accordance with IDD. The 10-day course Fire Protection Officer according to European standard, consisting of the course Fire Protection Officer and the advanced module, comprises 88 teaching units or 66 time hours according to IDD.

How is the continuing education for the fire safety officer regulated?

At least for the fire protection officer, the further training is regulated in the vfdb 12/09-01, although it is of course not a binding guideline. According to §5.1, a fire safety officer must have completed a training course of at least 16 teaching units every three years.

What does the 7-day course Fire Protection Officer cost?

Total price 7-day course Fire Protection Officer: 2825,- € / 2910,- € plus VAT (2021 / 2022)

What is operational fire protection?

Operational fire protection includes all fire protection measures that a business or company takes with regard to its property and operational buildings. The employer or entrepreneur, the plant manager or the head of the authority is responsible.

How important is Part C for operational fire protection? Finally, Part C is only for employees with a responsibility in company fire protection, i.e. fire protection assistants and fire protection officers. These fire protection regulations must always be supplemented and updated. That is why it is also important to have an inspection, which is carried out every two years by a competent person.

What is the legal basis for fire protection? Further legal bases for fire protection are contained in the Workplace Ordinance and the standards of the employers' liability insurance associations on health and occupational safety. German labor law does not permit any agreements made to the detriment of employees. This is ensured by Section 619 of the German Civil Code.

What is meant by organizational fire protection? Organizational fire protection refers to all measures relating to the planning, organization and preparation of fire protection in the company. Within the scope of his operational responsibility, the entrepreneur is the person responsible for fire protection. However, he can delegate parts of his tasks to the fire protection officer, for example.

What are the contacts for fire safety officer training?

Contact for all questions concerning the further training of fire protection officers: André Schweda, Tel.: 0221 / 77 66 - 169, E-Mail: aschweda (at)

How is the fire safety officer training conducted?

The training also includes practical exercises with fire extinguishing equipment (manually operated) for fire fighting. The course concludes with an oral and a written examination. At HDT, the fire safety officer course is held from Monday to Friday in week one and from Monday to Tuesday in week two.

How to get the certificate of fire safety officers?

After successfully passing the final examination, the participants receive the certificate "Fire Protection Officer". This certificate from the House of Technology has a special significance, since our courses for the training of fire safety officers both by the fire department,

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