Is the pursuit of a professional activity of great importance to the family?

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Is the pursuit of a professional activity of great importance to the family? The pursuit of a professional activity is not only of great importance for the family's financial situation. It also determines the amount of time available for family life. The results presented here refer to mixed-sex married couples and cohabiting couples.

How can the competent authority prohibit the performance of certain activities?

1 The competent authority may prohibit sick persons, persons suspected of being infected, and excretors from carrying out certain occupational activities in whole or in part. 2 Sentence 1 also applies to other persons who carry pathogens in or on themselves in such a way that there is a risk of further spread in individual cases.

What must the training enable?

The training must enable the person to (better) cope with the tasks in the company. This brings benefits to him or her personally and to the company. To do this, the need for further training in the company must be correctly identified.

What is professional training? Technical training. The basis for working as an electrician is technical training in a specific field of electrical engineering: training in a recognized apprenticeship as a journeyman/skilled worker, master craftsman, industrial foreman, state-certified technician or graduate engineer or bachelor or master.

What is a "competent person"?

A "qualified person" in the sense of § 2 Para. 6 BetrSichV is a person who has the necessary specialist knowledge for testing work equipment as a result of his professional training, professional experience and recent professional activity.

What is appropriate continuing education for competent persons?

Appropriate further training of the qualified persons is necessary. This applies in particular when deficits in the required technical knowledge become apparent, for example due to a longer interruption of the testing activity. In principle, it is the task of the employer to determine and specify,

What measures may the competent authority take?

According to Section 16 (1) Sentence 1 IfSG, the competent authority may take all necessary measures to avert imminent danger if "facts are established that may lead to the occurrence of a transmissible disease". Thus, the corona protection measures could also be covered.

What is the legal basis for the duties of the authorities? The legal basis for the tasks of the authorities in the case of a communicable disease can be found in the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) from § 16. First of all, the legislator stipulates that the competent authorities are entitled to order measures to avert the risk of infection.

What powers may the competent authority require? § Section 22 Powers of the Competent Authorities (1) The competent authority may require the employer or the responsible persons to provide the information necessary for the performance of its monitoring task and to hand over relevant documents.

How does the authority oblige to act?

§ Section 28 (1) IfSG obliges the authority to act (the "whether" of action), but grants it discretion as to the "how" of the protective measure to be taken.

When does the competent authority have to set a reasonable time limit?

Unless there is imminent danger, the competent authority shall set a reasonable time limit for the execution of the order.

How are the employees to be taught under hygiene?

The employees are to be informed about the necessary hygiene measures and instructed about the occurring dangers and the protective measures on the basis of the operating instructions and the hygiene plan. In doing so, they are to be given information regarding the relevance of immunosuppression or an intact skin surface.

How to defend against the trade ban?

In the subject line, state exactly what it is about and what you want, e.g. the revocation of the trade ban Justification of the appeal, i.e. precisely and comprehensively explain why the decision and the order are wrong and unlawful.

When can I file an appeal against the trade ban? Affected persons may lodge an objection against the trade ban in writing or in writing with the district office within one month of notification of the trade ban. If the trade ban is immediately enforceable, an application for restoration of the suspensive effect of the objection can be filed with the administrative court.

What does the suspensive effect have to do with a trade ban?

The action does not have a suspensive effect if the trade ban is subject to immediate enforcement. In this case, an attempt can be made to prevent the forced closure by filing an application for restoration of the suspensive effect. Those affected should entrust this to a professional.

How can I conduct a trade ban?

Trade and trade prohibition In principle, anyone can carry on a trade without special permission under the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (GewO), after registering with the relevant authority.

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