Is the professional license not revoked?

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Is the professional license not revoked? Proof that your professional license or diploma has not been revoked in your home country/training country and is still valid. For this you need the so-called "Letter of Good Standing" or alternatively a personal statement or the presentation of the original.

What is a grant of permission?

A permit cannot be granted if the applicant does not offer any guarantee that he will reliably fulfill his professional duties - all of them. A revocation of the permit can therefore not be limited to a part of the professional practice, the revocation always includes the entire

When may a therapist use his or her professional title?

A therapist may use his professional title only if he has been granted permission to do so. A prerequisite for the granting of permission is that the

Has permission been granted as a supplier?

If permission is granted as a supplier, the main customs office shall also issue a permit. In the cases of Section 1a (6) and (7) StromStV, the permit shall be deemed granted upon receipt of the proper notification.

How is permission granted?

If the respective requirements are met, the permit is issued by the main customs office. Prerequisites are: the submission of a complete application. the fulfillment of the characteristics of a supplier, own producer or final consumer. the provision of any security deemed necessary.

What legal form requires a permit? If a corporation (GmbH, AG, UG (haftungsbeschränkt)) is chosen as the legal form, it requires a permit. In the case of partnerships (oHG, KG, GmbH & Co KG, GbR), each partner who is authorized to manage the business requires a permit.

How long can a permit be applied for? During the first three years, only a temporary permit can be applied for. This is valid for one year and is not automatically renewed, but the permit must be reapplied for.

Has the provisional restaurant permit been issued? The temporary restaurant permit is not granted if the operation of the predecessor has been revoked with legal effect, a structural change has taken place, the operation has been closed for more than 1 year or it is a new establishment.

Who must apply for the permit? The application for the issuance of the permit must be made by the person who wants to lend temporary workers. If you personally are the employer of the temporary workers and the contractual partner of the hirer, you must personally submit this application.

How does the procedure end with the denial of permission?

The procedure ends with the granting or refusal of the permit. Both are an administrative act, so that the refusal of the permit can be challenged by legal remedy. If an applicant fulfills the legal requirements, he or she acquires a direct legal entitlement to the granting of the permit.

How can the residual debt discharge be denied? However, the insolvency court may also refuse to grant residual debt discharge - in this case, the insolvency proceedings are terminated without residual debt discharge. The application for the granting of residual debt discharge can only be repeated after the expiry of the three-year blocking period (§ 287a InsO).

How is the revocation of a permit to be denied? The revocation of a permit subject to revocation means that what was initially permitted becomes something prohibited by law; the revocation is a condition subsequent. A permit shall be refused if the statutory requirements for the granting of the permit are not met.

How does the denial of permission occur? Permits are often refused if the applicant does not have the necessary reliability (e.g. Section 4 (1) No. 1 GastG, Section 11 BBergG).

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