Is the profession of speech therapist infinitely diverse?

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Is the profession of speech therapist infinitely diverse? Since the profession of speech therapist is already so wide-ranging, further training is also infinitely varied. You can train for all disorders (stuttering, poltering, speech disorders, swallowing disorders, etc.) or specialize in one group.

What does speech therapy mean? Simply put, speech therapy means speech education or speech therapy. Speech therapy is not only concerned with diagnostics, i.e. the detection of disorders, but also with therapy and prevention, i.e. the treatment and prevention of speech disorders.

How can they study speech therapy?

Currently (2017-) you can study speech therapy at the following universities in Germany: In accordance with the openness of the job description, it may only become apparent in the course of or after initial professional training that additional training such as that in speech therapy is useful.

What are the practical trainings for speech therapists?

However, the main part of the practical training is the own therapies and cotherapies, which are carried out in the school or an affiliated practice/clinic under supervision. Ideally, each speech therapy student should be able to gain sufficient experience in each disorder.

What is the task of speech therapists?

The task of the patients / trainees / speech therapists is therefore to activate their own resources such as motivation, compliance, commitment to agreements, openness to new things, willingness to reflect, their own ideas and also honesty with themselves and to make them available in the sense of the joint process.

What is the problem of speech therapy? The greatest problem for speech therapy is that a tracheal cannula promotes the development of swallowing disorders. This is because it interferes with anatomical structures that are important for the act of swallowing. It redirects breathing and bypasses the entire area from the larynx and pharynx.

What were the first speech-language pathology association foundations?

The first speech therapy associations were founded in the 1970s. In 1981, the Federal Association of Certified Speech Therapists was founded. This was later followed by the restructuring of the federal association into logopädieaustria.

What is the German Federal Association for Speech Therapy?

Founded in 1964, the German Federal Association for Speech Therapy is the largest professional and specialist association of speech therapists in Germany. It represents the interests of freelance and employed speech therapists vis-à-vis politicians, administrators, health insurers and other players in the healthcare system.

What is the German Federal Association for Speech and Language Therapy? The " German Federal Association for Academic Speech Therapy and Logopedics " (dbs) is the association of academically trained speech therapists/logopedists for disorders of speech, language, voice and food intake in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

How does the dbl promote the dissemination of logopedic knowledge?

In addition, the dbl is committed to the expansion and dissemination of logopedic knowledge. The dbl was founded under the name Central Association for Speech Therapy in 1964 in Berlin.

What is a dual degree program in speech therapy?

In most cases, a dual degree program in speech therapy combines training with an academic course of study that is conducted in parallel or part-time.

How is the speech therapy program structured? The speech therapy program is interdisciplinary. You will be exposed to content from the fields of medicine, pedagogy, linguistics and special logopedic knowledge.

How can I start a speech therapy degree? In order to start a dual study program in speech therapy, you need a general university entrance qualification, a specialized university entrance qualification or a university of applied sciences entrance qualification. Advanced training, including master craftsman or business economist, also entitles you to study at a university.

What does speech therapy aim at?

Speech therapy aims to restore the ability to communicate or to develop it in the first place. It examines and treats disorders related to speech, voice and language. Swallowing disorders are also part of the field, as they can have a negative impact on the ability to speak.

What does the speech therapist include? The speech therapist's area of responsibility includes the diagnosis, therapy and consultation of speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders as well as facial paralysis in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

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