Is the permit to hold the professional title of emergency paramedic?

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Is the permit to hold the professional title of emergency paramedic? (1) Permission to use the professional title of "emergency paramedic" shall be granted upon application if the applicant has 1. completed the training period prescribed by this Act and passed the state examination,

How was the emergency rescue designation chosen?

The term emergency paramedic was chosen, combining the well-established adjunct of "paramedic," commonly associated with the rendering of immediate aid, with the term emergency as an intensification of the term "rescue." Emergency rescue is already found in common usage.

Has the training and job description been amended? The training and the job description are also being amended. § Section 1 of the German Emergency Medical Services Act (NotSanG) makes it compulsory to obtain a license to use the professional titles of emergency paramedic and emergency paramedic, but not to practice the profession. The legislator did not want to retain the previous professional titles of paramedic and emergency paramedic.

What are the regulations for the emergency medical technician job title? If it should be necessary to establish mandatory regulations for an abbreviation in addition, this can be done in the training and examination ordinance yet to be issued. The requirements for granting permission to use the professional title of emergency paramedic are specified in § 2 NotSanG.

What are the professional designations of emergency medicine physicians?

Emergency rescue is already found in common parlance. In the medical field, it is the "emergency doctors" or "emergency physicians" who are active in the rescue service. The use of the aforementioned professional titles is therefore protected.

What is the composition of continuing education in emergency medicine?

However, in all federal states, further training in emergency medicine consists of a certain period of further training in specific inpatient areas, an emergency physician course and participation in emergency physician missions, under the guidance of an experienced emergency physician.

What is the interdisciplinary focus in emergency medicine residency training? The interdisciplinary focus "Clinical Emergency Medicine (SGNOR)" regulates the continuing education to acquire and the continuing education to maintain emergency medicine competencies. The creation of this interdisciplinary focus serves the quality assurance of medical

What should the future emergency medicine specialist be?

The future "specialist in emergency medicine" is to build on the previous qualification options in a modular further training concept. For trauma surgeons and orthopedists undergoing further training, this applies at least until they achieve specialist status.

How does a neurological deficit announce itself? With a working diagnosis of "atypical neurological deficit," Dr. Conrad reports the arrival to the neurologist on duty, and he immediately orders a CCT. In the clinic, he hands the case over to his colleagues.

What is an emergency medicine specialist?

The field of activity of the "specialist in emergency medicine" is the emergency room of hospitals. The qualification requirements for the physician in the outpatient medical emergency service of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and in the emergency physician service are sufficient and do not need to be changed.

Is it not possible to be a specialist in cardiology?

So you don't have to be a specialist in cardiology to treat a patient with a heart attack, nor a gynecologist to help a child into the world in an emergency.

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