Is the installer a master of calculation?

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Is the installer a master of calculation? The fitter is a true master of calculation. He measures the material requirements, prepares a cost estimate on this basis and, when carrying out his work, always makes sure that pipes, cables and lines are matched to each other, often to the millimeter.

What is the bill for the first installer?

Now I received as announced from the first mechanic an invoice for 75.21 €, which is composed as follows: Fitter hour min 0.5 h 24.50 €, travel flat rate zone 2 to 10 km 32.00 € and tool and auxiliary material flat rate 6.70 € net, together 75.21 € gross. Do I have to pay the invoice? 26 2

How many hours does the installer have to pay? The foreman shall also pay his fitter wages during vacation days, holidays, sickness, etc. Wage to pay. On average, of the 1930 hours paid annually, only 1400 hours are charged to customers.

What is the hourly billing rate for a fitter? This results in an hourly billing rate of €68.89 for a fitter, not taking into account the contractual allowances to be paid and the statutory value-added tax. Status: January 1, 2021

What applies to the rental of monteur accommodation?

The following applies: In the case of a private rental of a mechanic's accommodation, it is sufficient to issue a receipt to your tenants. Only if you rent out a mechanic's room or a mechanic's apartment commercially, i.e. if you have registered a commercial enterprise for this purpose, you as a landlord / landlady are obliged to issue an invoice to the tenants.

What is the rental of apartments and rooms for rent? The renting of vacation apartments or Monteurzimmern is a short-term accommodation of strangers and thus according to § 4 No. 12 a sentence 2 UStG (Value Added Tax Act) in principle subject to VAT. The rental is subject to the reduced tax rate of 7 percent.

What should I bear in mind when renting out a motel room? When renting out a temporary apartment or a temporary room, there are numerous legal aspects for landlords to take into account that need to be clarified in advance. One of these is the fact that short-term (sub)letting of living and sleeping quarters is subject to VAT under the Value Added Tax Act.

What is a change of use for Monteurzimmern and vacation rentals? The change of use in the rental of mechanic's rooms and accommodation Whether as a mechanic's room or vacation apartment - it is always a change of use if the living space was previously used for other purposes. This change of use must be applied for.

Why is the rental no longer used? The reason: With the renting, the room or apartment is no longer used according to the original purpose, moreover, the people living there are constantly changing. The local building authority is responsible for applying for the change of use, whereby it is not your place of residence that is decisive, but the location of the property.

What does the employer have to pay for the time of the trip?

But: For the time spent traveling, whether by car, bus or train, the employer must pay the minimum wage of currently 8.84 (as of April 2017). However, the time spent on site or in the hotel is free time and does not have to be remunerated unless otherwise stipulated in the contract.

What are the average hours for a fitter?

261 working days with an average of 7.4 hours each result in 1,931.4 hours to be paid. However, a fitter actually works less than 1,931.4 hours. In the end, 207 days of presence in the company remain with a total of around 1,532 hours.

What formulas calculate the monthly target hours?

There are two formulas for calculating the monthly target hours. The first of the two formulas is based on the daily working time. This is multiplied by the number of working days in the week and the result of this calculation is in turn multiplied by the factor 4.35.

How long does it take two fitters to get to and from the site?

Two fitters need 45 minutes for the journey there. For the return trip, 45 minutes as well. That makes a total of 1.5 hours. Since there were two fitters, I was charged 3 hours of working time for two fitters for the arrival and departure alone.

What travel expenses must be reasonable? Travel costs must be reasonable. The Stadthagen Local Court, for example, emphasizes that travel costs must be reasonable even for very short working hours: If the costs for travel to and from the site amount to a multiple of the actual working time, the craftsman must point this out to the customer in advance.

What travel expenses are included in the calculation?

When calculating the travel costs, all expenses associated with the journey to and from work should be taken into account. Therefore, not only the fuel costs, but also parts of the vehicle maintenance costs as well as wage costs of employees belong to the calculation of the craftsmen travel costs.

What trips must a mechanic charge for?

In general, a company may only charge a customer for the trips that are necessary for the customer's order. If the fitter travels from the company to several customers in succession, he may logically only charge for the distances and times incurred for travel between the customers.

How long should the travel time be agreed?

Therefore, the following applies: The billing of travel time as working time must be explicitly agreed with the customer in advance. It should be recorded in units of at least 10 minutes. Problems arise if the duration of the travel time is not comprehensible to the customer.

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