Is the craft business open even without a master craftsman's certificate?

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Is the craft business open even without a master craftsman's certificate? The possibility of opening a craft business even without a master craftsman's certificate has only existed since January 2004, when the Crafts Code was revised. Since the amendment to the Crafts Code, more craft businesses are being set up than ever before. This is mainly due to the fact that training to become a master craftsman takes a lot of time and money.

How can I start my own craft business?

Since 2004, anyone who wants to start their own craft business but does not have a master craftsman's title can make use of special regulations for some trades requiring a master craftsman's title, such as bakers, heating engineers or butchers: According to Section 7 (2) of the HWO, other further training courses can also be accepted as a substitute for master craftsman school.

Is it possible to open a business without a master's degree?

If your craft is one of the professions that are not subject to licensing, it is possible to open a business without a master craftsman's title or as a journeyman.

Why do handicraft businesses have to be handed over?

Since craft businesses are usually handed over to employees with many years of professional experience, where the professional experience replaces the master craftsman's certificate. The advantage of taking over a business is that there is already an existing customer base and the company does not have to be built up from scratch.

What are the employees of the craft enterprises concerned?

This was stated by 26.8 percent of the respondents. Medium-sized craft enterprises with between five and nineteen employees are particularly affected, with more than one-third of them citing this hurdle. Smaller businesses with up to four employees face problems with the handover of their business primarily due to their weak earnings.

What documents must be handed over?

House sale - which documents must be handed over? 1 All construction plans, floor plans and calculations for statics 2 Usable and living space calculation 3 Expert opinion on the use of the land 4 Contracts and documents for services concerning the house and property (e.g. 5 Energy certificate for the house More articles

How can they hand over a house?

If, for example, the exterior facade has been replastered or the heating system replaced, hand over the associated invoices and documents to the buyer. In the house handover protocol, you should record exactly which documents you have handed over.

When does the craft business plan to hand over a successor?

According to the study, almost one in four owners plan to hand over their craft business to a successor (18.2 percent) or close it (6.6 percent) by 2020. More than 180,000 owners will be looking for a successor by 2020. What are the consequences of the lack of so many successors in the skilled trades?

What options are available when starting a new business in the trades?

When starting a new company in the craft sector, there is a good chance to get enough of the potential customers due to a very high demand. Important channels that should be used to attract new customers are advertisements in local media - in the best case with a certain affinity to the craft.

How strong is the skilled trades sector in Germany? The skilled trades sector is one of the largest industries in Germany and is currently experiencing a strong boom. The general utilization of company capacities has recently increased sharply. Nearly one in five businesses is reporting more orders and almost one in three more sales.

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