Is the commercial master craftsman comparable to the German master craftsman?

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Is the commercial master craftsman comparable to the German master craftsman? The commercial master craftsman is comparable to the German master craftsman, the works master craftsman corresponds to the German industrial master craftsman. In contrast to the master craftsman, the commercial master craftsman also has the necessary commercial training for independent company management.

Is the master craftsman and the technician equivalent?

This means that a master craftsman's degree is on the same level as a bachelor's degree (B.Eng., B.Sc.), as is a technician. Master craftsmen and bachelor's degrees were assigned to level 6 of the German Qualifications Framework (DQR) because they are equivalent, but not similar qualifications.

What is the admission requirement for the master craftsman exam?

In accordance with Section 51a (5) of the Crafts Code (Hw0), a journeyman's examination or a final examination in a recognized training occupation is a prerequisite for admission to the master craftsman's examination for trades that are not subject to licensing or trades similar to trades. The Chamber of Skilled Crafts can exempt from the admission requirement in exceptional cases upon application.

What are the responsibilities of the Master Examination Committees? As the office of the master craftsman examination boards, the Düsseldorf Chamber of Skilled Crafts is responsible for handling master craftsman examinations in the Düsseldorf administrative district for 47 skilled crafts professions at present. The list of master craftsman examination boards shows which professions these are.

How is the craft code for industrial foremen possible?

Since the revision of the Crafts Code in 2004, this has also been possible for industrial foremen in the relevant fields. However, the regulations for this differ from state to state. Interested parties should therefore obtain information from their responsible chamber of industry and commerce.

Who is entered in the register of craftsmen?

In principle, only those who have passed a master craftsman's examination in the craft in question are entered in the register of craftsmen. Other examinations are also recognized, for example, industrial foremen are also entered in the register of skilled crafts pursuant to Section 46 (2) if the examination is equivalent to the respective master craftsman examination (Section 7 (2) HWO).

What are the regulations of the Crafts Code?

BUT: The regulations of the Crafts Code of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy state the following: "State-certified technicians, industrial foremen and engineers can also be entered in the Crafts Register.

How can I study technicians and masters?

As a technician and master craftsman, you have the option of studying at a German university of applied sciences. With both degrees, you usually obtain the advanced technical college entrance qualification. But what use is that? Perhaps nothing at first, but it can be very helpful in the future. So, about ten years after the technician, I'm doing a correspondence course for a bachelor's degree.

What is a master's degree for technicians? Yes, a master's degree is also a possible further education for state-certified technicians. Some universities (e.g. Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences) offer master's degree programs specifically tailored to technicians. Others offer master's degree programs for experienced professionals with a university entrance qualification.

What is the position of the master craftsman in the Crafts Code?

Status of the master craftsman in Germany. The Crafts Code protects the professional title of master craftsman. Anyone who uses the professional title of master craftsman without having successfully passed the master craftsman examination is acting irregularly and can be fined up to €5,000 (§§ 117 para.

What are the rules for registration in the Crafts Code? Since 2004, the legislator has included a "former journeyman regulation" (§ 7b HwO) in the Crafts Code. This means that anyone who has worked in a skilled trade for many years and in a managerial position can also apply for entry in the register of skilled crafts.

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