Is Saarland a location advantage for continuing vocational training?

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Is Saarland a location advantage for continuing vocational training? Saarland can rely on an impressive potential of well-trained and motivated workers. To ensure that this remains a locational advantage, the state government has made continuing vocational training a priority.

What does a completed vocational training program in Saarland offer?

After all, completed vocational training offers not only a secure path to employment but also considerable career opportunities - especially with a master craftsman's certificate, which we support our skilled workers financially in acquiring. Saarland can rely on an impressive potential of well-trained and motivated workers.

When does the training take place in Saarlouis? Your further training in Saarlouis takes place between 8 am and 4 pm. During breaks, you can relax and strengthen yourself in the separate room with seating and a coffee machine. In the surrounding area you will find a variety of gastronomic offers as well as department stores and other shopping opportunities.

What does Saarland offer?

In view of this development, the Saarland offers a diverse and future-oriented range of continuing education programs. This has been actively promoted and expanded within the last few years in order to offer employees opportunities and possibilities for comprehensive qualification and to prepare them for increasing globalization.

What is available in the state capital of Saarbrücken?

The state capital of Saarbrücken offers many cultural sites and museums, but also numerous gastronomy and gourmet producers. Those interested in technology and industry will find in Saarland both contemporary witnesses from an almost forgotten era, as well as the modern counterpart.

What is the capital and cultural center of Saarbrücken?

The capital and cultural center is Saarbrücken. Saarland is part of the European region of Luxembourg, Lorraine, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate and Wallonia and can be divided into the following regions:

What are well-known personalities from Saarbrücken? Famous personalities from Saarbrücken include the former Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate Peter Altmeier, the director Max Ophüls, the Federal Minister of the Interior and Foreign Affairs Gerhard Schröder and the singers Sandra and Nicole .

What are the explanations of the city name Saarbrücken?

Explanations of the city's name that point to a Celtic origin are considered outdated. In some other languages the word for Saarbrücken is formed according to the sound, in some with the literal translation of the component -brücke. In many languages the name is also simply "Saarbrucken".

What is the largest city in Saarland?

Capital of Saarland: Saarbrücken. The state capital and by far the largest city in Saarland is Saarbrücken. Almost 180,000 people live here. Saarbrücken is the only major city, political, economic and cultural center of the state. There are four city districts with a total of 20 neighborhoods.

How was Saarbrücken cleared of the Red Zone?

In 1939, Saarbrücken, which was included in the fortifications of the Westwall and was located in the Red Zone, was evacuated at the beginning of World War II. The population was brought to safety in an evacuation operation in other parts of the German Reich.

What is paramedic training in Hesse?

All information about the paramedic training at our Landesschule Hessen, can be found here. The training to become a paramedic comprises 520 hours and takes about 16 weeks in full-time form. If possible, the training should be completed consecutively and within two years.

What are the next largest cities in Saarland?

The next largest cities are Neunkirchen (in the district of Neunkirchen) with around 46,000 inhabitants, Homburg (in the Saarpfalz district) with around 42,000 inhabitants and Völklingen (in the regional association of Saarbrücken) with around 39,000 inhabitants.

What is the second largest city in Saarland?

The second largest city is the district capital Neunkirchen with 46,767 inhabitants. In terms of area, the district of Neunkirchen is the smallest in Saarland and, with 534 inhabitants per square kilometer, the second most densely populated. It is followed by the district capital Homburg in third place.

Which counties does Saarland border?

The map below illustrates the division of Saarland into the 6 existing counties Regionalverband Saarbrücken, Landkreis St. Wendel, Landkreis Neunkirchen, Landkreis Saarlouis, Landkreis Merzig-Wadern and Saarpfalz-Kreis. Nationally, Saarland borders to the east and north on the

What is the size of Neunkirchen in Saarland?

With a population of around 46,000, Neunkirchen is the second largest city in Saarland. Homburg is the county seat of the Saarpfalz district of the French-influenced Saarland. In the local dialect, the name is pronounced Humborch.

What is the size of the city of Saarlouis?

With 34,532 inhabitants, Saarlouis is the sixth-largest city in the Saarland. St. Ingbert has a population of 35,951 - enough for fifth place in the Saarland.

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