Is physical fitness important?

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Is physical fitness important? Physical fitness is also an important part of the job description. Due to the usually high number of children in a group, a healthy and stress-resistant physical condition is necessary. Since several educators share the tasks, the stress level is however at a tolerable level. Loading

What is requested to determine character eligibility? To determine the suitability of character, a certificate of good conduct is requested or an unrestricted inspection of the Federal Central Register is made, among other things, prior to appointment to a civil service position.

What is the health suitability?

Health suitability. Health suitability is determined by a medical certificate issued by a public health officer. The Hanseatic City of Hamburg has assigned the examination of health suitability to its personnel medical service; in other federal states, the public health officers are responsible.

How does professional competence fall under the concept of suitability?

And in an even broader sense, professional aptitude also comes under the heading of suitability, i.e. your professional skills, your previous training, so to speak. With regard to character suitability, for example, certificates of good conduct are obtained, and questions are asked about previous convictions or pending investigations, about previous Stasi activities, etc.

What are the requirements for vocational education eligibility?

There are essentially three prerequisites. The first is vocational and occupational pedagogical aptitude, such as proof of having passed the AEVO examination. The second prerequisite is a final examination (profession or study) in the profession that is to be trained.

Is the vocational training pedagogically recognized?

The vocational training must be state-recognized and last at least two years. The work experience must usually be at least three years. For a pedagogy degree, the training and practice must thus come from the pedagogical field.

What does the Vocational Training Act mean?

Section 28 (1) of the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) stipulates that only people who meet the personal and professional suitability requirements may provide training. But what does that mean in concrete terms? Anyone who wants to train apprentices under the dual training system must be personally suitable.

What may the suitability criteria concern?

The suitability criteria may only concern the qualification and permission to exercise the profession and the economic, financial, technical or professional capability (Section 122 (2) GWB; Section 30 (2) p. 2 UVgO). The UVgO does say "may () concern".

What may prove the suitability of the bidders? These suitability criteria may only relate to the qualification and authorization to exercise the profession, the economic and financial capability as well as the technical and professional capability. References are a means that contracting authorities regularly use to obtain evidence of the suitability of bidders.

What are the eligibility criteria and thus the minimum requirements? The suitability criteria and thus the references including the minimum requirements must be exclusively and conclusively stated directly in the notice (VK Bund, Beschl. v. 18.09.2017, Az. VK 2-96/17.). To make known means to expressly designate the individual suitability criteria and the means to prove them.

What are the eligibility criteria for bidders?

Difference between suitability criteria and award criteria. The suitability of bidders is determined by their economic, financial and technical performance. The evaluation of the offers themselves, on the other hand, is based on criteria that serve to select the most economically acceptable offer (e.g. price, quality).

What is the character suitability of a job applicant?

The character suitability of an applicant for employment is a subcategory of the personal suitability of the civil servant. The decisive factor here is the prognostic assessment of the extent to which the applicant will meet the loyalty, sincerity, reliability, ability to cooperate and attitude to service required of him.

Is the distinction from character suitability deficiencies problematic? The differentiation of mental aptitude deficiencies from character aptitude deficiencies is often problematic. This is also shown by the fact that the symptoms defined for mental fitness deficiencies are also used to determine character fitness deficiencies.

What is the background of the character suitability deficiencies? The background of the character aptitude deficiencies is regularly the prevention of dangers for the safety as well as for life and limb of others. In other words, the holder of a driving license is not of suitable character to drive a motor vehicle if he poses a danger to road traffic.

What do we encounter with character flaws? We encounter a similar problem when civil servants on revocation or probation come into conflict with the law. This is because the identification of character defects can lead to dismissal. However, one sometimes thinks that character defects can also be recognized in other - non-punishable - behavior.

Which suitability criteria apply to public contracting authorities?

When determining the suitability criteria, the contracting authority must observe certain rules. The suitability criteria may only relate to the qualification and permission to exercise the profession and the economic, financial, technical or professional capability (Section 122 (2) GWB; Section 30 (2) p. 2 UVgO).

How is the determination of the suitability criteria regulated? The determination of the suitability criteria for economic and financial capability is regulated in Section 45 VgV and for technical and professional capability in Section 46 VgV.

What are the eligibility criteria for the award of services?

Determination of suitability criteria for proof of economic and financial capability. When awarding contracts for supplies and services, the principle of self-declaration applies, i.e. a bank statement or proof by insurance may only be required in exceptional cases.

What is the concept of suitability?

The concept of suitability goes beyond the question of health, because it also includes, for example, suitability of character. And in an even broader sense, professional aptitude also falls under the concept of suitability, i.e., to a certain extent, your professional skills, your previous training.

How will your health eligibility be determined?

Your health suitability is determined in the official medical examination. The health certificate must be available when you are accepted as a probationary civil servant, as must the assessment of your character suitability and some other requirements for the civil service career.

What is the health suitability of applicants? The administrative courts are ultimately responsible for deciding on the health suitability of applicants within the meaning of Article 33 (2) of the Basic Law, without being bound by factual or legal assessments of the employer (BVerwG, judgments of 30.10.13, loc. cit., and of 25.07.13, loc. cit.).

What is included in the fitness of character of civil servants?

For civil servants, suitability of character also includes performing their duties impartially and fairly, conducting their office for the common good, committing themselves by their entire conduct to the free democratic basic order within the meaning of the Basic Law, and advocating its preservation.

What is the suitability of civil service positions?

Suitability is a selection criterion for filling civil service positions. ( § 9 Federal Civil Service Act (BBG)). Successful participation in a selection procedure is a prerequisite for recruitment to a preparatory service, in which the suitability and aptitude of the applicants are determined. ( § 10a para.

What are common suitability characteristics?

Common Suitability Characteristics: Personality, knowledge, ability, experience, physical ability. Determined by means of aptitude diagnostics procedures. The term aptitude is often also applied to the extent to which a person's interests, needs and values correspond to the satisfaction potential of the job.

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