Is it conceivable to take up a job in Denmark?

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Is it conceivable to take up a job in Denmark? The requirements for taking up a job in Denmark are very simple for Germans. There are no entry or work-restricting regulations to begin with.

What job centers can you find in Denmark?

As a job seeker, also visit JOBNETZ, the public employment service website for all job seekers and employers in Denmark. On this site you will find many thousands of available jobs as well as contact information about the local job centers that exist in all municipalities. The JOBZENTER of Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune can be found here.

How are you allowed to live and work in Denmark? As an EU citizen, you are generally allowed to live and work in Denmark. However, if you wish to stay in the country for longer than three months, you must register with the state administration.

How can you look for a job in Denmark from abroad?

If you are looking for a job from abroad, you can search the jobs database and find relevant information about working and living in Denmark. You may need to use Google Translate.

What are the rules for finding a job in Denmark? In principle, the rules for finding a job in Denmark are not too different from the usual procedures in other countries. Here, too, there is the possibility of a speculative application or contacting a placement agency.

How long are you allowed to stay in Denmark?

If you plan to stay in Denmark for a maximum of three months, you do not need to apply for a residence permit. For some groups of people it is also possible to stay up to six months in Denmark without a residence permit. During this time you can even take up a job, even if you do not have a residence permit.

Is free standing allowed in Denmark?

In all other public spaces like on the beach or on the street, free standing with your camper overnight is not allowed. Even though wild camping is officially forbidden in Denmark, there is good news for all nature lovers who don't fancy a regular campsite.

Is camping allowed in Denmark?

Even if you're not a true Dane yourself, you can still have a great camping vacation in Denmark. Across the country or along the North Sea and Baltic Sea - camping fun is the order of the day in Denmark. How it looks with the wild camping, we tell you here! Is wild camping and free standing allowed in Denmark?

What is a work permit in Denmark?

Germans and Austrians therefore do not need a work permit to work in Denmark. Nevertheless, an EU residence certificate is required if the stay in Denmark lasts more than 3 months. This can be obtained without major problems from the administration of the municipality in which you live.

When can you stay in Denmark as a tourist?

You can stay in Denmark as a tourist for 3 months, during which time you are not required to register. If you want to work in the country, you must obtain a residence permit application form and an employer's declaration from the regional government office (in Copenhagen: Københavns Overpræsidium).

What are the options in Denmark?

Especially if you like to travel with a boat, there are many possibilities in Denmark. Because of the proximity to the water, there are many marinas and marinas where you can put your boat in the water or rent a mooring.

How to learn Danish in Denmark? For immigration in Denmark it is an advantage to speak Danish. Take enough time to learn Danish already at home. You can find more information about Danish courses on the homepage of the Danish Embassy. Test here for free how well you already speak and understand Danish (takes about 3 minutes).

How can they stay in Denmark? If you are German, Austrian or Swiss, you can stay in Denmark without a visa for up to 90 days. You can enter the country with an identity card as well as with a passport.

Isn't a house in Denmark cheap? Buying a house in Denmark is usually not cheap, because high wages, a stable financial system and negative interest rates characterize the market. Accordingly, the prices for real estate are also not low.

Is Denmark attractive for foreign workers?

Due to the general economic data, Denmark offers attractive job opportunities especially for highly qualified foreign employees; in some cases there is a shortage of labor. However, this does not apply to all industries, so you should evaluate your chances on the Danish labor market individually.

How may the company be penalized in Denmark? In addition to the company, the individual employees that the company employs for activities in Denmark must also be registered by name. Failure to register will result in fines for the company starting at DKK 10,000 (€ 1,350).

How can they work in Denmark? Before you are allowed to work in Denmark as a posted employee, you must check whether you need a residence permit and work permit. This depends on which country you come from. If you are a citizen of a Scandinavian country, you can live and work freely in Denmark.

How is the employee subject to German income tax in Denmark?

As a result, income earned by an employee residing in Germany from an activity in Denmark is initially subject to German income tax. In addition, the employee in Denmark is at least subject to the limited tax liability there. This results in double taxation.

What do you need for a work permit in Denmark?

A residence permit or work permit is not required. In order to be able to work in Denmark, a foreign employee needs a person number from the central person register ("CPR number" = "Det Centrale Personregister" = the central person register).

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