Is it allowed to cut trees?

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Is it allowed to cut trees? There are always discussions about permitted times for pruning trees, and for deep pruning measures it is actually disputed whether the summer pruning ban also applies in private gardens. There are other regulations that also regulate tun in the home garden, below is also the relationship of all these regulations.

When should you prune a tree?

In autumn, trees should be pruned from October, if you want to make a radical pruning. Maintenance and topiary pruning is allowed throughout the year and therefore throughout the fall. Where to put the tree pruning? It is best to dispose of tree prunings in your own garden: cut into small pieces, they make good firewood.

What to consider when pruning another's tree?

When cutting another's tree, you need to consider two things: It must not be under nature protection. The pruning must be done professionally. If this is not the case, the tree owner has the right to sue his neighbor for damages.

Is cutting a tree allowed within the closure period?

Cutting or trimming of a tree within the closure period is permitted only if there is a danger to persons or property that cannot be remedied by other means.

When to prune a tree?

No one has determined that a tree must be cut on a single day. You can also spread it over several times, so that the severity of each operation remains low. So that the maple is always left enough defense and wound healing forces.

When to cut walnut trees?

Walnut trees are cut in August, if possible. At this time of year, little sap leaks from the cut wounds, and they heal before winter. If winter pruning is to be done, prune from mid-December to mid-January, as walnuts do not bleed then. Intersections are not spread.

Why is a neighbor allowed to cut the branches off a tree?

A neighbor may cut off the branches of a tree that protrude into his garden - even if the tree could die as a result. That was the decision of the Federal Court of Justice. In this specific case, however, the last word has not yet been spoken.

What is the closing time for trees?

This closure period extends between 01 March and 30 September. This means that during these months trees may not be cut down and pruned, unless there is a situation that can be considered an exception or the trees are not covered by the law.

When is the blocking period regulated?

According to the Federal Nature Conservation Act § 39, so-called closed periods are regulated in which the felling and cutting of trees is prohibited. This closure period extends between 01 March and 30 September.

What is the purpose of the blocking period to prevent?

The purpose of the closure period is to prevent the trimming or removal of trees from destroying nests, causing broods to die, and reducing the number of nesting sites available for birds. The tree protection ordinance stipulates that old, large trees in particular be kept in the wild.

How is the blocking period pronounced?

The blocking period is a sanction imposed by the Federal Employment Agency. It is imposed if the insured person is responsible for becoming unemployed. But also if he does not cooperate in the prevention of unemployment without sufficient justification.

When should trees be pruned?

Certain fruit trees, such as the apple tree, should be pruned in the spring (March or April). This allows the harvest to be more abundant. It is important that the trees do not sprout yet. Trees for every size of garden and plot

What are the most common mistakes when pruning trees?

The 12 most common mistakes when pruning trees. Pay attention to the age, condition and rhythm of life of each tree and prune accordingly. Adapt the pruning date to your tree: sensitive bleeders such as walnut are more likely to tolerate pruning in the fall, while cherry trees thank you for pruning in the summer.

What to consider every time you prune a tree?

The correct approach to pruning should be observed: sawing or cutting should always be done directly behind the branch ring, diagonally from top to bottom. Smaller cut wounds the tree often closes itself, if the right weather was chosen for the cut.

What varieties damage the tree?

The reason: in frost branches can break off and damage the tree. On the other hand, summer pruning is advisable for strongly sprouting varieties that bear little fruit, such as willows. It prevents the branches inside the tree from becoming too dense.

What makes pruning trees more palatable?

Because this allows enough oxygen and light to reach the plant. This prevents fungal attack and makes apple trees, pear trees and Co. tastier. In addition, pruning makes the branches stable and ensures that the tree does not grow uncontrollably in height.

What is a wrong pruning?

In many cases, this is due to incorrect pruning: If you are too rough when pruning branches or do not observe the optimum pruning times, you are damaging the plants. Find out here about the twelve biggest mistakes when pruning trees.

When may trees and woody plants be cut back?

Within the prohibition period between the beginning of March and the end of September, trees and woody plants may be cut back:

When may woody plants be counted? The woody plants listed in the second sentence of Section 39 (5) of the Federal Nature Conservation Act, such as trees, hedges, shrubs or living fences, may therefore be used between March 1 and March 30.

When can hedges and woody plants be trimmed?

Hedges and woody plants may not be trimmed vigorously from March 1 to September 30. The law protects breeding birds. September is a good time to replant evergreens such as rhododendrons. In addition, it's time to plant flower bulbs. Every month there is something to do in the garden.

What is the legal framework for pruning woody plants?

Legal framework for woody plant pruning. According to the Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG), it is forbidden to cut down hedges, living fences, shrubs and other woody plants or to put them on the ground ("radical pruning") during the period from September 1. However, gentle shaping and maintenance cuts are permitted to remove the growth of the plants

When can woody plants be cut?

The woody plants listed in the second sentence of Section 39(5) of the Federal Nature Conservation Act, such as trees, hedges, shrubs or living fences, may therefore not be cut, stocked or removed between March 1 and September 30.

What should I pay attention to when pruning trees?

Always maintain safety when pruning. Wear a long-sleeved shirt, gloves to protect your hands, and safety glasses to prevent foreign objects from damaging your eyes. Be careful when pruning conifers, especially if they are hedge plants.

How can I order a tree pruning? If you do not dare to prune the tree, you can also hire a gardener. The cost depends on the size and type of tree. They range from 30 to 50 euros per hour plus disposal costs for the removed branches.

What is the most common mistake when pruning trees? One of the most common mistakes in pruning: for fear of ruining the plant, most amateur gardeners cut too little. If you are unsure, it is better to cut off too much. The plant usually copes well with this. In the worst case, the tree crown is crooked.

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