Is it a nationally recognized professional training for dog trainers?

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Is it a nationally recognized professional training for dog trainers? About a state-approved vocational training according to the Vocational Training Act! The press reports again and again about private seminar centers for training as a dog trainer and mentions that there is no state-regulated training for this profession. This is not true!

What is the minimum age for a dog trainer? By the way: At Martin Rütter's dog school, the minimum age for prospective dog trainers is 25. In addition, the professional advises an internship with a dog trainer or also in the dog school. So far there is no nationally recognized training as the dog coach - even if that is demanded in the scene again and again.

What are the requirements for the job as a dog trainer?

There are no school requirements for those interested in the job as a dog trainer. However, an education before the actual "apprenticeship" as a dog trainer can not hurt. Commercial training is also conceivable, because a lot of your work will be the business organization.

How must the dog pass a standardized suitability test?

The dog must pass a standardized aptitude test. The test is carried out both in the context of a self-assessment and an external assessment. The training level of the dog should be at the level of a companion dog test (VdH, IRJGV or BVdH).

How can I train my already existing dog?

In principle, it is possible to train your already existing dog. To do this, the dog must first pass an aptitude test to show that it has the nature of an assistance dog. In addition, the dog must be healthy.

How can I learn dog and owner?

Once dog and owner have learned all the necessary tasks and compliance with the standards in public, they take the team test together. The other option is that of external training. Here the dog lives with the trainer at home and learns all the important signals and behaviors.

What is the cost of the assistance dog aptitude test?

The aptitude test costs 100€. Your dog does not need to know any special signals for this. It is only about assessing whether he has the nature of an assistance dog. This includes firmness of character, lack of aggression, friendliness, intelligence, enjoyment of working for and with people, and more.

What is a good dog trainer?

A good dog trainer trains the person in dealing with his dog, not the dog itself. Empathy, patience and kindness towards dog owners are paramount! Also realize that in your job you will be out and about working in all seasons and weather conditions and mostly outdoors.

Why is there no dog trainer training? Accordingly, there is no regulated dog trainer training and also no uniform job description. Most dog trainers understand this activity anyway as a vocation and follow so the need to work with dogs. The fact that this can be a profession and does not have to be a mere hobby is shown again and again.

What is the minimum age for dogs?

Minimum age for dogs is usually 12 months. If you want to pass the test, you should also have already worked sufficiently with your dog and trained it. The animal must master all basic commands. Alternatively, in some cases, another dog can be used for the test.

How is the dog owner's expertise verified? As part of the graduation, the dog owner's expertise is checked. Here it is determined whether he has the relevant basic knowledge required for keeping, handling and training dogs. The dog's obedience is also tested.

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