Is compliance ensured?

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Is compliance ensured? In technical jargon, this is referred to as ensuring compliance. Compliance officers perform a supervisory function in the company and develop structures with regard to the organization that ensure that each individual employee can comply with the applicable legal requirements.

What does good compliance mean?

The German term Komplianz means "adherence to therapy". In English, the term Adherence is also used synonymously. Good compliance means consistently following medical advice. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), however, on average only 50% of patients have good compliance.

What are compliance officers? Compliance officers: They know all the company's internal rules and codes as well as legal requirements and guidelines. Communication professionals: They are proficient in addressing the right target groups and know the tools and their possible uses.

How does it go with compliance measures?

When it comes to communicating compliance measures, a strategic approach is required. In occupational health and safety in particular, it is important to pick up all employees with the right tools.

Which measures facilitate the implementation of compliance in the company?

Such measures facilitate the implementation of compliance in the company and reduce the probability of violations. Furthermore, communication must take place. This includes communication with each other, but also communication of rules and behaviors.

What is compliance in the midmarket? According to the Institute for Compliance in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (ICM), the term "compliance" describes the totality of all measures intended to guarantee the lawful and ethical conduct of a company and all its bodies and employees with regard to all legal and corporate commandments and prohibitions.

What is an effective compliance team? An effective compliance team should be made up of experts from all departments of a company (e.g., human resources management, financial management, legal department). Only in this way is it possible to identify and cover all conceivable areas of interest and risk in the company.

What can be said when implementing a compliance system?

In summary, compliance entails both structural and individual requirements. When introducing a compliance structure and an associated compliance management system, every company is basically free from directives.

What is meant by corporate compliance? Depending on how it is interpreted, corporate compliance refers to adherence to rules per se or to a set of rules that provide guidance in complying with laws and guidelines. On the other hand, there is already another Anglicism, Corporate Governance, which rather refers to the entirety of a corresponding set of rules.

What is legal compliance? Legal compliance is the fulfillment of obligations with regard to legal regulations, for example under the Civil Code or the Basic Law. This also includes adaptation to and compliance with laws abroad. Financial compliance focuses on compliance with rules in the financial sector.

What does the term "compliance" cover?

Beyond this self-evident fact, however, the term "compliance" also encompasses the creation of organizational precautions within the company to ensure adherence to guidelines - both legal and those defined by the company.

What is the translation for the term compliance?

Compliance. The term originates from the Anglo-American language and can best be translated as legal compliance. However, since compliance encompasses much more than legal compliance, rule monitoring or adherence to internal company regulations, there is no really handy translation. In Germany, for example, the term

What does the area of compliance cover?

The area of compliance also includes adherence to the company's own ethical codes of conduct and other non-statutory regulations. There are usually overlaps and points of contact with the legal and investor relations departments.

What are the most important compliance issues?

We show five typical compliance examples and give tips on how to do it better. Even when dealing with compliance issues such as ethics, integrity and shared values, it is important not to lose sight of the efficiency of individual measures.

What is the term "compliance"? A definition The term "compliance" (German: "Konformität", "Übereinstimmung"), which is frequently used in business administration and law, originated in the U.S. financial sector, but is now used in virtually all industries and economic sectors.

What is important in dealing with compliance management?

When dealing with compliance issues such as ethics, integrity and shared values, it is also important not to lose sight of the efficiency of individual measures. Otherwise, your compliance management can quickly become a big waste of time in the company.

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