About the project

Brief overview

ComProCom is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership project concerned with developing more adequate descriptions of competence for higher-level occupations. The project has partners in six countries and will involve framework development and trialling in five professional or industry sectors. It will produce a methodological guide, course programme for framework developers, and academic output discussing the project results in the context of emerging theories and practices relating to professional competence and entry-routes. The project will run from September 2015 for two years.


ComProCom is designed to improve the way that professional competence is described and represented, particularly in relation to complex work in higher-level occupations where outcomebased conceptions of competence have proved most challenging.

The project stems from international interest in what might be called a ‘second-generation’ approach to describing competence that has emerged among some UK professions. This approach is concise but holistic and appears to be highly robust as well as being able to accommodate the evolution of practice without frequent revision.

It can be characterised as:

  • External or activity-based – it is concerned with what practitioners need to be able to do
  • Centre-outwards – it focuses on matters central to the profession, rather than all the possible roles that its members could perform
  • Universal – it is equally applicable to different specialisms, roles and contexts, generally without needing a ‘core and specialist’ structure.

Development and trialling will take place as follows:

  • Austria: Business administration
  • Germany: Chemical engineering
  • Greece: Social entrepreneurship
  • Ireland: Training and development
  • Poland: Management of innovation.

The project will also set up a standing forum to support agencies, professional bodies, practitioners and academics to share and discuss practice, research and conceptualisations relevant to professional competence.