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Experiential workshop 14/06/2017

The Hellenic Agency for Local Government and Local Development (ΕΕΤΑΑ),as the coordinator of Communicating Professional Competence – ComProCom, an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 strategic partnership project for Vocational Education and Training, organizes an experiential workshop titled:

Development of Professional Competence Frameworks

On Wednesday, 14th of June 2017, at 10:00 am (Wyndham Grand hotel, Metaxourgeio).

This session is being presented as an experiential workshop aimed at assisting participants in applying the ComProCom Framework and principles in a bounded microcosmic manner. Working with the ComProCom Methodological Guide participants will be engaged in a ‘walk through and do’ session from which they will gain insight and skill in applying the ComProCom Framework in their own specific professional contexts following the Athens event. The closing aspect of this session will be a Questions and Answers session where participant questions regarding the ComProCom Framework and its application can be addressed.

Trainers are:

  • Dr. Stan Lester, Stan Lester Developments, United Kingdom and
  • Dr. Angela Coholan, Manager, HR Strategy & Organisational Development, UCC, Ireland

Language of the experiential workshop is English.

For your participation, please fill in the form below.